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Looking for a specific part or parts for your Gulfstream GII, GIIB,GIII aircraft? We have 21 parts planes available for your needs.


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Need an engine or APU, Norm Hill Aviation has Rolls Royce Spey engines and Honeywell GTCP/APUs for sale or exchange.

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With combined experience of over 60 years NHA can provide consulting on any number of issues/concerns you may have.

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Our First CL601-1A Challenger Parts Plane

Norm Hill Aviation Inc announces the arrival of our CL601-1A Challenger to part out.  This airplane will be available for parts in the coming weeks as soon as we can operationally test all of the components and parts for tear down.   Now you can get the same level of AOG service that all of our Gulfstream customers enjoy.  Please call with your parts requests.  Also, NHA can do your major inspections at our fully equipped facility.  We are not an FAA Repair Station, but with our vast experience we can perform your Part 91, or Part 135 sub contracted repairs, inspections, modifications, medium paint jobs, Avionics, Satcom, 5000 landing, and any other work scopes you may have.  Send us a list so we can quote it for you.  Signed off on our A&P.

Norm Hill Aviation, Inc, (NHA), has a hangar complex in California City, CA and supports all of its operations in our 32,500 square foot hangar complex.  The facility consists of 4 hangars with the main hangar floor having 14,500 square feet and an additional 2500 square feet of office space and shop area. There are also four additional hangars which are approximately 1600 to 7000 Sq. Ft. each all located on more than 5.5 acres of property which also includes a large ramp area. The facility allows NHA to consolidate its existing operations and provides additional room to expand its service, repair, and parts departments. 



About NHA

Norm Hill Aviation Inc. (NHA) was founded in April 1996 by Norman A. Hill as a Sole Proprietorship. The Company was later incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in April of 2009. NHA specializes in supplying parts, maintenance, and support to the Gulfstream Business Jet community worldwide. The Gulfstream Aircraft is the number one corporate business jet in the world. NHA currently has 11 employees and expects to continue our present growth as we add services and expands our facilities.

NHA supports Gulfstream owners and operators with a wide range of maintenance, parts, and services and are well respected within the Gulfstream community. In 2011 NHA moved to our present facilities, a 4 hanger complex, in California City, CA. This has allowed NHA to offer expanded services to our customer base and enhance our value to our existing and potential Gulfstream customers. NHA expects to purchase and retire three to four additional Gulfstream aircraft per year, thereby ensuring that a steady stream of affordable parts is available to our customers.

Although Grumman American/Gulfstream has historically done a good job supporting their airplanes, parts are getting more and more expensive, with longer lead times for shipment. Some parts are now on a build-to-order basis at astronomical prices and in most cases with extremely long lead times for manufacture. This leaves an aging fleet of approximately 950 Gulfstream ll, lll, and lV “Legacy” aircraft hungry for affordable parts and services which are receiving minimal support from Gulfstream. NHA currently co-owns 19 Gulfstream aircraft which are being used for the express purpose of supplying parts to the owners of the 450 legacy Gulfstream II/III aircraft.

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